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L...earning how to survive in the real world, through……

Through challenge and achievement in a variety wilderness settings, Project LOST seeks to enhance the self-esteem, confidence, and self-reliance (ability to survive/compete in an ever-confusing world) of youth and young (clients) adults at-risk.

Project LOST-YOUTH SURVIVAL's partners with organizations who deal with at-risk youth and young adults, and can customize outdoor experiences to fit into your framework and goals. Examples are Native Friendship Centre's and Indigenous Programs, Addictions Centre's and Programs, Rehab Centres and Houses, Schools, etc. We can come to your sites, or you can come to our Kargus 350 Acre Retreat or Marble Lake Lodge properties.

We also have public programs and camps whereby we can accommodate individual intakes (please see the Outdoor Pursuits Certificate program flyer, and the August Wilderness Experience and Advanced Survival Camp Flyers).



Project LOST-YOUTH SURVIVAL's mission is to teach lost youth at-risk how to survive in the wilderness, and help them survive and find their way in our wild civilized world.

Nature-based survival camps and experiential programming geared towards building self-esteem, teamwork, respect (one's self/adults/others/environment etc.) and skills attainment.

Increasingly in today's high-tech materialistic world, youth are LOST, and end up making poor life choices. Project LOST-YOUTH SURVIVAL will help direct them to the right trails of life…..we are the Compass!


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