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Intake Partners (some examples)

Non-Profit Youth Shelters, Drug Prevention Half-way Houses etc.


Agencies dealing with intervention, crisis, soft young offenders, drug/alcohol rehab and prevention

Social Housing, Municipal Youth Agencies, Recreation-Camps


Programs aimed at inner-city, low income families and youth, gangs and drug-prevention, safer communities

Native Reserves, Friendship Centres


Youth intervention and prevention programs, vision-quest survival camp programs aimed at cultural issues, youth issues identified by the band

Children's Aid, Foster Parents Plan, LDAO'S, Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Nature-deficit components, as an integral part of existing therapy programs aimed at prevention, career goals, self-esteem

Public & Private School Boards, Private Collegiate Schools


Working with school board administration to aid with “safe schools”. Work with counselors to assist with a variety of youth at risk clients, special needs etc.


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